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Hello world!

for the past week, i have been thinking about what i should say in my first blog post because we all know that MAKES or BREAKS your blog and you know what?  i still haven’t come up with any awesome ideas, so, i figured i would just share some random facts about me:

1. i’ve been reading healthy living/running blogs for about 5 years now and  i  have been too freaked out to comment on any of my fave blogs because i feel like an anonymous creep/stalker.  i finally decided to start my own blog because i want a blogroll to make my stalking a little easier and my comments a little less strange.

2. i have been a cyclical vegan/seagan/vegetarian for the past 5 years because i am still unsure about whether or not my body needs: greek yogurt and fish.

3. i love to run (50-60 mi/wk pre-injury) but i’m currently living with achilles tendonitis (5 weeks, so far) so i’m trying out other things.  i bought a bike (a beautiful blue schwinn), i bought a package of bikram yoga classes at a local studio, and i have been watching the kardashians on the elliptical.  if you have any advice on how to save my right tendon, pleaseeeeee let me know.

4. i have very outrageous views on life which you will probably notice as the blogposts continue.

5. i graduated college a year ago (last spring) and i have had a terrible year off  but i am trying to adopt the “SO WHAT” attitude i admire so much. here is a brief summary on my year off: i got a job at a psychiatric hospital (it got old after a month), i applied to graduate school (i didn’t get in), lost a best friend (long story) , i became a lot closer to my other best friend (i usually refer to her as my “lesbian best friend” or “my lesbian”- she’s gay, btw), a relationship ended, and i bought an iphone.

6. i have one tattoo (peace sign *eye roll* on my foot) which to me means: “live your conscience”.  i want another one but i think i’m going to wait until after i move out of my parent’s house (out of respect for my father who absolutely hates the idea of me getting another tattoo).

7. i don’t use capital letters unless i absolutely need to- i think they make everything look out of balance.

8. i actually have a favorite song: “under the bridge”- red hot chili peppers

9. my blog name: SO WHAT, ERICA! comes from one of my favorite quotes from Andy Warhol:

Sometimes people let the same problem make them miserable for years when they could just say, “So what.” That’s one of my favorite things to say. “So what.” “My mother didn’t love me.” So what. “My husband won’t ball me.” So what. “I’m a success but I’m still alone.” So what. I don’t know how I made it through all the years before I learned how to do that trick. It took a long time for me to learn it, but once you do, you never forget.

10.  “my” two dogs: lela and rissa

11. the song i listened to while writing this post:   when im small- phantogram (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=28tZ-S1LFok)

12. i have a very strange concept of time. i’m currently 21 (turning 22*** on august 13th) and i feel old as hell/on the verge of retirement/and just waiting for my letters from AARP to arrive.  i’ll elaborate on this when i turn 21 in three weeks (yes, i am turning 21).

13.  here is one song i listen to every, single day on my way to work: crystallized- the xx (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Pib8eYDSFEI&feature=related)

14. this one is for you, PLEASE leave me links to your favorite songs because…. i need to stop listening to the same CD (the XX) every, SINGLE day.

anyone else have trouble thinking of what to say in their first blog post?!!

***: 22 for one minute and then i’m going back to 21.  i think my parents will appreciate this too.


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