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Maybe I am a deadbeat blogger?

How about that.

One month ago, I promised that I would have a new blogpost completed but… I never got around to it.  However, I have managed to keep up with my  daily blog stalking.  Anyways, my last post (on my 22nd birthday) I posted an infographic which asked: ARE YOU HAPPY? with only two options: yes or no.

one month ago (had I written that post)  I would have said:

no, i am not happy because:

1. i have gone 3 months without out running (my achilles tendonitis was a major buzzkill in my life).  running keeps me sane/more likeable/happy.  i love the freedom and instant gratification that comes with finishing a long run in the early morning.  after explaining this to everyone i know (yes, i manage to bring up my achilles tendonitis in every conversation i have even though no one cares) that just told me: “find something else- running sucks.” or “you probably need a break because you run too much”.  well, that just pissed me off because i tried other forms of exercise (i even BOUGHT A BIKE) but they just left me bored/even more upset about my injury/pissed that i’m blowing money on a bike when i could have bought a million pairs of running sneakers.

2. i am turning 22 and i am not where i should be in life.  my plan was to attend graduate school this fall (right now) in order to receive my doctorate in clinical psychology.  well, that didn’t happen.  instead, i am stuck at a job that actually drives me crazy (secretly, i enjoy it) everyday.  side note: working with the mentally ill population is very exhausting.


<<<< fast forward to now >>>


yes and no which i think is wonderful. confession: in the past 5 (maybe 6 years) i haven’t really been able to give an honest/complete yes to that question because of ED issues/depression/anxiety/blahblahblahblah.

anyways,  i’m in better spirits i’m going to try and keep up with my posting!!! EEEEEE!!!!!


i’m never sure how to end/start these posts, so, i’m going to start listing 3 things i am happy, 1 buzz kill, and 1 thing i need to improve:


1. i ran on the treadmill today (i’ve been running for one week now!!!)

2. i surprised my dad with a birthday card/balloon/garmin 305 watch (later tonight at dinner)

3. i finally looked up hotels in charlotte, nc.  i am visiting next week for a graduate school info session and i am REALLY excited/REALLY terrified.


1. i got a speeding ticket last night.  i swear it’s karma for not stopping by trader joe’s for more hummus.


1.  i need to step up my game on my graduate school applications and studying for my psych gre exam.  -______-


song of the day, youve got the love- adele (remix with the xx):



and… if my post wasn’t that interesting, here are some pictures from my daily life:


my view each morning: my puppy

yogi tea. i only buy it for the quotes.


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